We are here
to support you.

At Southern California Treatment Programs, we help youth reach their fullest potential through a holistic, engaging, and community-centered treatment approach. Our highly skilled and compassionate staff work to cultivate a familial setting in which our youth can grow and thrive. SCTP provides a safe space for youth to benefit from a variety of effective services and meaningful community engagement.

What We Do

Southern California Treatment Programs (SCTP) has been serving youth from Child Welfare, Social Services, and probation systems since 2012. SCTP is partnered with Rite of Passage (ROP), who has been serving youth across the country since 1984. SCTP propels the ROP mission of “improving the lives of youth.”

Home Sweet Home

Our nine CARF-accredited group homes, all of which are licensed Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Programs (STRTP), provide a safe and nurturing environment in which the youth can learn, grow, and develop strong ties with their local community.

Our Pride

SCTP is a treatment-based program that utilizes a therapeutic approach. We provide opportunities to participate in an array of community-centered activities, enabling our youth to attend school, hold a job, volunteer, and engage in community projects.